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I Could Get in a Lot More Trouble Where I'm From...

Friday, June 25, 2004

Tony Pierce complained this weel about how "older" bloggers are "boring" because they don't talk about their sex lives enough, and the "college kids (especially boys)" are missing out on a great deal of wisdom as a result.

As almost always (hate Michael Moore) --- I agree. The problem is, "older" bloggers like Tony, that live in California have a helluva lot more sex than those of us not residing in California. At least that's my perception. People look sexier in LA, they stay up later, they drink more, and because of the sun --- they show more skin, more often, meaning there's a lot less hoops to jump through when the opportunity presents itself.

But I'm down with everything else the man said. Not only did I not care about a woman's physical needs and expectations in my teens and early to mid 20's, I lacked the knowledge and experience to even attempt to satisfy. But now? Shoot... I'm more than happy to spend an hour or more downtown, even if it doesn't lead to me getting mine. Because when you get good at something, you sorta dig doing it, so that others can appreciate and tell you just how good you are. Total ego stroke, but who cares when everyone wins? Unless of course they're lying, which while possible seems highly unlikely when the demand for repeat business remains increasingly high.

Of course being hung like a horse doesn't hurt either...