3rd leg
Sing Us a Song...

Friday, June 18, 2004

Damn, 4 months!?!?! A span which celebrated the return of Meeshness, and is currently mourning the retirement of MadPony. A span which started with Ben and J-Lo outsmarting the media while planning their nuptials, and ending with J-Lo and Marc Anthony possibly planning for a bun in the oven --- a spicy one, no doubt. Britney married Jason Alexander, had it annulled, wrecked the home of one of her backup dancers, and then wrecked her knee while messing with another backup dancer.

In 4 months time, Lindsay Lohan came, Lindsay Lohan saw, Lindsay Lohan got boobs, and Lindsay Lohan conquered...

And such is life... There is no pause button. Even if you take some time to smell the roses, people are going to keep doing stupid things, and average-looking/semi-talented chicks are going to keep looking a helluva lot better and getting a lot more work A.I. (after implants). With or without you baby. With or without me.

J.K. livin' or j.k. bloggin', that's the question at hand I suppose, because only a select few can seem to do both month after month after thankless month... If you look at my track record you can assume I'm good through the rest of the summmer, and then sometime between fall and winter will grow uninspired and seemingly fall off the face of the earth. That's my style, as much as it sucks to be disappointed, it sucks even worse to pack your bags and say goodbye. There are no goodbyes when you always keep your gas tank full and a couple of days worth of clothes in a duffel bag in the trunk. The rearview mirror is simply used to hang the fuzzy dice from, not to actually look back. No looking back, only forward and sometimes to the side when passing someone and trying to decide if they're worthy of a wink and a smirk --- or am I the only driveby flirt up in here?

I'm not drinking quite as much Red Bull these days, but nearly everything else you've come to love and expect from your frustrating-faceless-wouldn't-know-me-if-you-saw-me-ol-pal is very much the same. Still pumping, thumping and humping, though not always in that order ---- but always smelling nice while I do it.

Peace suckas, eternal optimists, and tireless surfers... Have an outstanding 5-0-free weekend full of hookups, Mojitos and memories...and maybe we'll see you next week and maybe we won't....

If we do, there'll be pics... Pics make the world (see: Web) a much better place, I know this man.