3rd leg

Thursday, January 08, 2004

I am extremely pissed today. The girl that sits 10 feet behind me informed me and another co-worker that she’d appreciate it if we wore headphones while listening to iTunes on our brand new eMacs. Nevermind that neither of us had our volumes all that high and no way can we get away with wearing headphones at our desks. Can’t hear the phones ring or bosses bark, and it doesn’t necessarily put off the vibe of a productive and conscientious employee. Instead it says, here’s a cat that really loves their music, probably even more than their job. Which means that the one thing I loved about the eMac above all else, is now just another unappreciated icon on my tool bar. Ridiculous. (Ryan, are there other things about the eMac I should be equally impressed by?)

So while there’s any number of topics to talk about today; Kool Keith’s impatience, Trevor’s assertion that January is fat people month at health clubs across the U.S. including mine, When Ryan Met Kristin, Jason Allan Alexander, Chops, Real World-San Diego, Marbury to the Knicks, yet another wingman story, my encounter with the Beyonce-loving homeless dude that’s lived under a bridge for the last 5 years, etc., I’m just simply too upset to talk today. To anyone. Including all of my co-workers. It is my hope that she’ll realize how stupid and selfish her request was and that we shouldn’t be forced to wear headphones, she should be forced to wear earplugs.

Blah. The really infuriating thing is we always have music going. And it’s now been replaced with silence. Which makes for an unusually long workday.

My bad for the unannounced and unplanned absence. But, isn’t December and January kind of like the blogging off-season anyway? Probably because the majority of the blogging community is college-aged and unwilling or unable to blog from under their parents’ roof. Totally understandable.

It is 9 degrees here today. The only thing that keeps my teeth from chattering is perusing the images from stephandlola.blogspot.com.

In other words, 2004 could have gotten off to a cooler start, though it is feeling a little bit warmer even as we speak.