3rd leg

Thursday, October 09, 2003

I have no excuse. It only took that barenaked dude one week to make up with his angry ex, head to the side, rug burns and all, yet it takes me damn near seven months to find my way back home.

Thanks to the loyal, patient handful of you who dropped by every other month to see if I was gone for good or would ever resurrect. With a special shout out to the one that tipped a 40 to my memory. Good lookin’ out brah.

Not only have I not been posting, I haven’t been reading much either, at least not the rants, thoughts and missives from the esteemed writers to your left. But, I feel as though I’ve been able to quickly catch up. Here’s a quick recap of the last half a year or so:

The Ward has been redesigned and halved, Meesh is still AWOL, half of you still ride Tony’s jock and the other half still hate him, MadPony’s also got their fair share of haters now, the Goose is looser without the Force, Alecia’s feeling better, Orby’s too damn busy, Hose’ll be engaged anyday now---and the new look doesn’t do much for me either. I think that pretty much sums things up, no? Did I miss anything? Oh right, Moxie’s still hot and writes circles around the rest of y’all.

Of course there’s also life outside the blogosphere, which I’ve actually paid a little more attention to. Again, hitting the highlights from my absence:

The Apocalypse is upon us with the Cubs and Red Sox still playing in October.
Two Dead John’s (Ritter and Cash)---Rest in Peace.
One of those flaming tiger-tamers (Siegfried or Roy) nearly joined them.
David Blaine’s in a box and not making friends across the pond.
While the Paris kids are boring Real World fans to tears as they slowly limp to the finish line.
Not unlike J-Lo and Ben’s relationship.
Uma’s looking better than ever and is recently single.
Halle too, and please don’t tell me you’re giving it up to Fred.
Whether he’s guilty or not, Kobe is proving just how expensive room service can be (legal fees, rings, shopping sprees, tattoos, etc.).
Even with his distractions, the Lake Show will cake walk to this year’s NBA finals.
Yet another cast member from the movie Predator is a governor.
G-Dubya is proving himself the worst hide-and-seeker on the planet.
Jessica Simpson is much, much dumber blode than I ever could’ve imagined and she really, really, really should have just stuck to singin’ and shakin’ it.
Maybe Paris too, but who cares? (Note to self: Do not miss the Simple Life car-wash episode.)

So, let’s just wipe the slate clean and start from scratch…

Sup fool, I’m Third Leg---mind if I dance wit’ yo’ date?