3rd leg

Monday, January 20, 2003

Today is all about props. Letting y’all know that I’m always watchin’ and when you do something good, or when something good happens to you, I’m takin’ notice.

Kool Keith (i.e. Ultrablognetic) who has the very special (after 14 long years!) privilege of rooting his own team on during the Super Bowl rather than having to adopt one solely for the purpose of having a rooting interest in the game while everyone else waits to see how much skin Beyonce or Charlie’s Angels are gonna show in the overhyped commercials. And even better, I like his team---the Raiders---to pull out the victory in one of the better match-ups we’ve had in recent memory. Appreciate it while you can, especially since the Cal Bears are going to break your heart in March if not soooner.

Lara Flynn Boyle (pic later this week) for having the sexy confidence to wear a pink tutu to the Golden Globes. Nevermind that her lips weigh more than her breasts, I’m feelin’ it girl. Let me know when you’re ready to date a guy younger than Jack.

Jennifer Aniston for busting out the Pete Nice cane as part of her Globes ensemble. Nevermind that unlike Pete, she actually needed the cane to walk after breaking a couple of bones in her foot while trying to pull it out of Brad Pitt’s ass for not washing his hair prior to the Globes…Alright I might’ve made that last part up.

Tony Pierce (sorry Greg and Ryan, but I still like him) for finally kickin’ Ashley to the curb. Though I’ve learned long ago that you can’t trash the exes too bad, especially when you know that they’ll be resurfacing any day now. Ah well, maybe he’ll have a couple of weeks rest without the unnecessary aggravation of a 21 year old that isn’t quite ready to settle down. I don’t care how good she looks in her schoolgirl skirts, life is just too damn short my brother. Like the little dude from Say Anything preaches, "Bitches man!"

Iced Tea no not the rapper/pimp/actor, but the beverage. Without it (and two dozen sugar packets) I would have never been able to get through an entire evening of clubbing, thus proving to myself possibly for the first time that I don’t have to consume alcohol to have a good time. Don’t worry, I’m not thinking of making it a habit or anything.

Me for having cool people (all y’all) who actually visit this site and occasionally get in the mix by dropping a comment. Even better when those cool people have their own blogs and have me linked even before I’ve shown them any love. Even better when those cool people are increasingly flexible and nearly 18 year old hotties that leave me shaking my head and muttering, "Where were girls like that when I was seventeen???"